Seaboard Tank Systems Inc.

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You are looking at the inside of a Falcon 900 center tank that's been contaminated. 


This microbial growth (all the little black/brown spots in the pictures) when left untreated will cause damage to the aircraft structurby eventually causing corrosion.

It will also attack everything else in the plumbing, wire connections, pumps, injectors, clamps, hoses, everything! 

These tanks were cleaned, resealed and saved from expensive intensive corrosion repairs just in time!  


These pictures are of a 1947 Grumman Mallard wing fuel tank.  As you can see, the corrosion has already destroyed all the structural integrity of the skin. The next steps were to remove all the aircraft fuel tank sealants and primer to uncover all the corrosion damage. It was clear that the entire wing skin would have to be removed and new lower wing skin fabricated from new aluminum, refitted, etched, primed, installed and completely resealed. BIG $$$ 

If we had been involved with this aircraft through out its life, we would have been able to keep the fuel tanks clean and free of the bacteria that caused all this corrosion. This would have saved the owner who restored her a lot of time and money....